Hello Malaysia, the patriotic concert that you shouldn't miss this year

Famous local artist and 100 ambassadors will be joining us to the patriotic concert, all of them are here for one cause, to help the Native Malaysian (Orang Asli) for an equal opportunities as we are.

This concert aims ot raise RM 200,000 for the aboriginals to develop better facilities for them and their children. We are excited to be part of the cause. All tickets raised in this concert will goes into the fund for building mobile library and solar panel for electricity.

This is not just another concert, this will be a charity concert that benefited to all of Malaysian. Our ultimate aim is to unite Malaysian through Glocal Live Music.

Concert Artist Lineup

Ticket Price:

VIP - RM 128
PS1 - RM 88
PS2 - RM 68

I want to donate to the cause

Please download this song we dedicated to you for your generousity.


  1. Having all Malaysians to witness patriotic moments
  2. To create the platform for Malaysian to celebrate the patriotic moments via concert
  3. To unite all races of Malaysian


  1. To fund raise and build solar panel container house for orang asli
  2. To provide a complete facility for the orang asli
  3. To provide quality environment for the kids from the orang asli tribe
  4. To provide stable income for the orang asli